Research Interests

Can we use computational modeling to inform our understanding of semantics, pragmatics and social science ? I think the answer is yes

I am currently studying intergroup biases in communication with Jessy Li and David Beaver. I was inspired by a seminar in my first semester with David, where he talked about the Linguistic Intergroup Bias. To summarize my research questions succinctly — what are the linguistic properties that characterize and distinguish in-group speech from out-group speech, and how can we infer these properties using machine learning?

I completed my Masters at the University of Rochester, where I worked in the Formal and Computational Semantics Lab with Aaron Steven White. My research focused on the wide breadth of generalizations available across predicates and arguments in English.

Select Papers

You can view a list of all of my peer-reviewed papers on this page. The papers below are representative of my work and current research interests.

I navigated the academic job market over Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. I’ve put up all my job materials, as well as the slides from my job talks on GitHub. I hope it helps you if you too decide to pursue a career in academia.