About Me

Hi! I’m Venkat (he/him/his). I’m an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Ithaca College. I'm a Computational Linguist interested in understanding various facets of meaning in human language and communication using modern machine learning and Natural Language Processing techniques and tools.

I'm especially interested in social meaning — how is linguistic meaning shaped by our social identities and relationships? How can we build better computational models of social meaning?

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Outside of research, I love cooking,running, strength training, biking, designing and building small, focused apps, and the movies.

My full name is really long — unless you're citing me in a paper or official document, call me Venkat (pronounced when-cut).

Contact Me

If you're a student, colleague, or researcher, please email vgovindarajan@ithaca.edu.

My personal email is gvenkata1994@gmail.com.


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This site is built and written by me, Venkat. It's a Jekyll site hosted on GitHub Pages. Nova and BBEdit are essential apps that I use everyday, without which writing this site would be a slog.

The body text of this website is set in Valkyrie, while the headings are set in Hermes Maia. Fixed-width text is typeset in Triplicate Code.

Portrait photo up top by Niles Davis.