About Me

Hi! I’m Venkat (he/him/his). I’m a PhD student in Computational Linguistics at The University of Texas at Austin. My research focuses on intergroup biases in online communication. I'm fortunate to be a member of a rich group of researchers working on NLP at UT.

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Outside of research, I love cooking,running, strength training, biking, building apps for Apple platforms, and the movies.

My full name is really long — unless you're citing me in a paper or official document, call me Venkat (pronounced when-cut).

Contact Me

I like talking to strangers on the internet, so feel free to email me anytime at gvenkata1994@gmail.com. I 'm also active on mastodon.social.


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This site is built and written by me, Venkat. It's a Jekyll site hosted on GitHub Pages. Nova and BBEdit are essential apps that I use everyday, without which writing this site would be a slog.

The body text of this website is set in Valkyrie, while the headings are set in Hermes Maia. Fixed-width text is typeset in Triplicate Code.

Portrait photo up top by Niles Davis.