About Me

Hi! I’m Venkat. I’m a PhD student in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, specializing in Computational Linguistics. I am currently working on Linguistic Intergroup Bias and Affective Polarization with Assistant Professor Jessy Li and Professor David Beaver.

I received my MS in Computational Linguistics from the University of Rochester, where I worked in the Formal and Computational Semantics Lab under Assistant Professor Aaron Steven White.

I love cooking, running biking, building apps for Apple platforms, and the movies.

Pronouns: he/him

Research Interests

Can we use computational techniques and models to inform theory in semantics and pragmatics ? I think the answer is yes.

I’m primarily interested in various topics in computational semantics and pragmatics, with secondary interests in philosophy of language and compuational social science.

Check out my papers and talks to learn more about my work. Code and steps to reproduce the experiments in my research can be found on GitHub.

Contact Me

email: venkat@venkatasg.net   


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