Language is for writing is for thought

March 11 2023

Kate Manne, over on her lovely substack:

I write in this space in order to put ideas out there quickly, often in an unpolished form. I like the idea of sometimes making my mistakes in a relatively open forum. Unlike an article, or a book, which are years and years in the making, this substack newsletter capitalizes on my strong desire to write, sometimes quickly: to seize a few hours or even minutes here and there, and try to articulate ideas which have sometimes nagged at me for a decade or more without ever reaching fruition. By and large, I think by writing.

All my agonizing over what this blog is for, and what I should write about, and why, and someone else puts it down in better words than I ever could. Like it does for her, writing clarifies and helps me think. I don’t however, think by writing right now — I would, however, like to. I aspire for it, for its own sake.